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TestMiki is a tool created for the purpose of managing and recording student progress through tests.    

Label, categorize, and organize!
Mar 13, 2009

We thought you might want to organize your tests a little, so we have added this category feature to the test creation process of step1. You can now create lables, organize, and divide your tests into color coded categories.

Users can categorize tests during the creation process in step1 or ...   Read more

There is a new blog in town!
Dec 09, 2008

Please welcome the newest addition to our site, the official blog. The goal of the blog is to enlighten our users with helpful tips, tutorials, and general facts on various subjects. It is also the best place for us to provide tips and guidel ...   Read more

You have the questions and we have the answers
Nov 25, 2008

The Frequently Asked Questions page is now open and ready for your questions. We hope that the answers you are looking for are on that page, otherwise please do not hesitate to contact us at ...   Read more
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